Former Team Members

Michael Brottrager

Research Assistant



I am currently studying in the Master’s programme of Economics at the Vienna University of Economics and Business. Focusing on Applied Econometrics, I am particularly interested in development of strategies to deal with problems of sample selection, endogenous treatment, and endogenous participation for ordinal, count, and binary variables. Furthermore, I have also strong interest on human capital and economic growth, dynamics of religious beliefs and scientific-economic development, migration, inequality and public sector economics. Before joining the TransRe Team, I worked as Data Analyst developing economic models for real time national and global poverty projections.

Besides being part of the TransRe Team, I am part of a small research group working on modeling global forced migration flows in the wake of the Arab Spring.


Bachelor Thesis:

Brottrager, M. (2015): Greed and Grievance in Civil War: Economic Motivations In Third Party Intervention Decisions. (unpublished)

Supervisor: Univ. Prof. Dr. Jesus Crespo Cuaresma

Master Thesis:

Brottrager, M. (in progress): Endogenous Treatment Effects for Count Data Models with Endogenous Participation - Analysing Intensive and Extensive Margins of Smoking Behaviour. (unpublished)

Supervisor: Univ. Prof. Dr. Jesus Crespo Cuaresma

Working Papers:

Crespo Cuaresma, J.; Fengler, W.; Kharas, H.; Bekhtiar, K.; Brottrager, M.; Hofer, M. : Tracking Global Poverty in Real Time with a World Poverty Clock, submitted.

Abel, G.; Brottrager, M.; Crespo Cuaresma, J.; Muttatarak, R. : Climate, Conflict, Migration.


Brottrager, M. (2017): PAA Annual Meeting. The Population Association of America (PAA), Chicago, Illinois, USA. April 2017.

Melanie Deter

Research Assistant


01/2016 - 03/2017


I am currently studying in the Master’s programme of Geography at the University of Bonn. Focusing on development and globalization, I am particularly interested in global inequality, mobility, and migration. So far, I have had several internships in East Africa (Tanzania and Kenya) and my Bachelor’s thesis on constructions of spatial identities and geographical imaginations focuses on that region. I worked as a student assistant for TransRe from January 2016 to March 2017.

Research Interests

Regional : East Africa
Social Geography, New Cultural Geography


Deter, M. (2015): Eine Reise zu einer anderen Geographie der Welt? Auswirkungen von Auslandsaufenthalten auf raumbezogene Identitätskonstruktionen am Beispiel von weltwärts. (unpublished) (BA Thesis)


Deter, M. (2016): Methodological Challenges in Environmental Migration Research: Take-home Messages from TransRe Midterm Conference Blog: Connecting the spots - Notes on migration and environment from a geographical perspective, Nov. 2016.

Vera Tolo

Research Associate/PhD Candidate


 2013 - 2016


I studied geography, sociology, and development economics at the University of Bonn, with a focus on vulnerability, food security, and migration research. For my final thesis, I examined the political ecology of food security in the context of oil production in southern Chad. The project was carried out in cooperation with the Centre for Research in Anthropology and Human Sciences Chad and Misereor. Currently, I am a research associate and PhD candidate with the RCR Project based at the Universities of Bonn and Cologne. Previously, I have worked as a trainer on intercultural learning and conducted interactive workshops for organizations like GIZ, Bayer, and Telecom in this regard. I am a native of Sarajevo and fluent in German and English.

Research Interests

Conceptual: translocality, socio-ecological systems, resilience, food security  
migration studies, relational sociology, political ecology, (internal) labor migration  
: Central Africa (Chad); East Africa (Kenya)

PhD Dissertation

Translocal Relations & Reorganization of Socio-Ecological Systems (SES)
A case study on the nexus between internal labor migration and land use in Kenya

The project investigates the environmental impacts of translocal relations in migrants’ rural origins. It places specific attention on the (re)production of different types of translocal relations and their particular socio-ecological implications. Learn more here ...


Tolo, V. (2015): “If nobody was sending money, everything would stop”. Die Rolle translokaler Beziehungen für Landnutzungswandel


Tolo, V. (2014): A Kenyan Marriage and a European Perception. Blog: Connecting the spots - Notes on migration and environment from a geographical perspective, Oct. 2014.


TransRe Short Course| "Does Migration Move You? The impacts of climate change on migration and the concepts, methods, and policies behind them”, Chiang Mai, Thailand, June 2015

Seminar on  Strategien und Methoden der Kritischen Entwicklungsforschung | “Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA) als Methode der Entwicklungsforschung“, Bonn Jan. 2014 and 2015

Sebastian Schneider

Student Assistant



Anja Lamche

Student Assistant



I studied the Master in Geography at the University of Bonn. Prior to my studies, I spent three years travelling, mostly in Southeast Asia, where I had the chance to learn a lot about life while enhancing my intercultural experiences. My main regional interest is Southeast Asia, especially Thailand, where I also recently conducted an Internship in a large NGO. I am also interested in human-nature relationships of all kinds.

Research Interests

Regional : Southeast Asia (Thailand)


Lamche, A. (2014): "Translocal street"- eine qualitative Analyse der Wahrnehmung und Bewertung von Repräsentationen Thailands im Kölner Straßenbild (unpublished) (BA Thesis)

Maya Pfitzmayer

Student Assistant



Madlen Hornung

Student Assistant


09/2013 – 02/2014
12/2014 – 02/2015



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