Empirical research has started

After a year of preparation, the TransRe Team has moved on to the field and started
empirical research in four research sites in North and Northeast Thailand.


TransRe Project's empirical research has started! Together, with our partner Raks Thai, the team has started the empirical research phase of the project. Between 16th February and 10th March, the 11 member team (including, principal investigator, PhDs, research assistants, and Raks Thai staff) visited TransRe's  four research sites: 

a) Mae Salong Nai Sub-District, Chiang Rai Province

b) Nam Kum Sub-District, Phitsanulok Province

c) Ban Chai Sub-District, Udon Thani Provice

d) Kan Lueang Sub-District, Buriram Province

The aim of an extended 5 day visit to each site was two-fold. First, we informed key actors about the TransRe Project. Second, we created an initial overall understanding of the research sites and started the coordination of the coming research of the sub-projects. The field visit started with a formal launch event. We invited village leaders, members of the district and sub-district administration (TAO), school principals, and other key actors to the meeting. We presented our objectives, clarified open questions, and began to discuss potential activities related to our “From Knowledge to Action“ goals. Furthermore, we conducted focus group discussions with village leaders and villagers in all 31 study villages on issues around livelihoods, migration, natural resources, hazards, and impacts of policies. These focus group discussions proved to be a valuable source of baseline data for our ongoing research activities. After the trip, the 5 PhD candidates started their own individual in-depth empirical research phase.


     » Project launch in Kan Lueang Sub-Distirct (Source: TransRe/Rockenbauch)
Till Interview in Nam Kum
» Till interviewing a farmer in Nam Kum Sub-District (Source: TransRe)

Wrap up the day in Ban Chai

» Wrap up meeting at the project house in Ban Chai (Source: TransRe) 

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