Social Networks and the Resilience of Rural Communities

Across disciplines social networks are cited as a source of resilience, but what does this mean for a research project such as TransRe, in conceptual and practical terms? This question is addressed in a newly published paper by Till Rockenbauch and Patrick Sakdapolrak.

In this paper, the authors are taking stock of current research on social networks and the resilience of rural communities in the Global South. Interestingly, they find that current research across disciplines, focuses narrowly on the outcomes of social networks, tends to emphasizes structure over agency and turns a blind eye on the spatiality and therefore is ill suited to highly dynamic and complex realities of rural livelihoods in the Global South. As on attempt to overcome these challenges, the authors propose a translocal social network perspective that views rural communities as being embedded in social networks that connect people and facilitate the flow of resources, information, and knowledge between places.



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We are a BMBF supported research group seeking to decipher the relationships between migration, translocality, and social resilience to climate change in Thailand. Our working group is based at the Department of Geography at the University of Bonn, Germany. Get to know our team...




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