COP23 Side Events on Migration


Are you at COP23 and interested in side events on migration topics?
We prepared a schedule with all the important information to help you with planning:


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Tue Nov 7



The adverse effects of climate change on human mobility: Opportunities for averting, minimizing and addressing displacement

Bonn Zone: German Pavilion 

Organizers: Platform on Disaster Displacement (PDD) and BMZ

Speakers: Prof. Walter Kälin (Platform on Disaster Displacement), Philipp Knill (Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ)), Steven Alan Hammer (World Bank Group), Thomas Henzschel (Federal Foreign Office), Md. Rashedujjaman Rashed (Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Bangladesh), Stefanie Lux (German Red Cross), Vera Scholz (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ))

Further Information: Website, Flyer


Addressing Climate Induced Displacement/Migration and non-economic L&D in the Asia – Pacific region

Bonn Zone: Meeting Room 11 (100)

Speakers: Harjeet Singh, Actionaid International - Sanjay Vashist, CANSA - Sabine Minninger, Bread for The World - Representative from Nepal - Rev. Tafue Lusama, Church of Tuvalu - Reverend Henrik Grape, Church of Sweden


Wed Nov 8



Displacement, human mobility and climate change

Bonn Zone: Meeting Room 7
Organizers: NRC, COAST, OXFAM

Speakers: Members from the Advisory Group on Human Mobility and Climate Change incl. NRC, IDMC, UNHCR, IOM, UNU and RAED; Platform on Disaster Displacement; representatives from parties


Climate-related human mobility: Connecting the dots to implement the Paris Agreement

Bonn Zone:Meeting Room 12

Organizers: IOM and UNHCR

Speakers: Selvaraju Ramasamy, FAO; Meredith Byrne, ILO; Dina Ionesco, IOM; Ben Schachter, OHCHR; Verona Collantes, UN Women; Barbara Bendandi, UNCCD ; Pradeep, UNDP; Marine Franck, UNHCR; Robert Oakes, UNU; Elena Manaenkova, Deputy Secretary-General (TBC), WMO; World Bank

Further Information: Website, Flyer


Climate Justice, Adaptive Agriculture and Livestock Farming in Vulnerable Lands of Agrarians

Bonn Zone: Meeting Room 9

Organizers: SAFE, CFA, CGE

Speakers: Dr Dipayan Dey (SAFE); Dr A Arunachalam (ICAR); Sr. Agro-Scientist (ICAR); Mr. Ibrahim MBAMOKO (Association Carre Geo & Environnement);  Fred Yoder (North American Climate-Smart Agriculture Alliance); Ron Bonnett (Canadian Federation of Agriculture)


Displacements induced by El Niño: a public health issue

Bonn Zone: Meeting Room 4

Organizers: Université Sorbonne Paris Cité (USPC), University of Geneva, Faculty of Medicine (UNIGE)

Speakers: Nicolat Hulot (tbc) (Ecology transition minister, France); Anneliese Depoux (Université Sorbonne Paris Cité ); Antoine Flahault & Martin Beniston (University of Geneva); François Gemenne (Sciences Po / Hugo Observatory, University of Liège); Caroline Zickgraf (Hugo Observatory, University of Liège); Pierre Ozer (Hugo Observatory, University of Liège); Mensur Dessie (Ethiopian Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, MEFCC); Joacim Rocklöv (Umeå University); Valérie Louis (tbc) (Heidelberg University)

Further Information: Website, Flyer


11th Focal Point Forum of the Nairobi Work Programme: Human Settlements and Adaptation

Bula Zone: AHH Upper Conference Room 

Further Information: Website, Registration


Thu Nov 9



UNU Press Briefing: The impact of law on human mobility in the Pacific

Bula Zone: Press Conference Room 1

Organizers: UNU-EHS

Further Information: Press Briefing on new Publication: "Migration and Human Rights in the Wake of Climate Change. A Policy Perspective over the Pacific."


Limiting temperature rise to 1.5°C: Implications on food security, displacement and migration

Bonn Zone: Meeting Room 7
Organizers: ICARDA, PIDF

Speakers: High-level representatives from the FAO, GIZ, ICARDA, PIDF and UNCCD.

Further Information: Flyer


Sat Nov 11



Migration and displacement: Risk reduction and preparedness

Bonn Zone: Room 11

Organizers: Ocean Policy Research Institute of the Sasakawa Peace Foundation, Environmental Law Institute

Speakers: H.E. Mr. Enele Sopoaga, Prime Minister, Tuvalu; Mr. Kosi Latu, Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme; Dr. Koko Warner, UNFCCC Secretariat; Prof. Walter Kaelin, International Law Association, Managing displacement risks in times of sea-level rise; Prof. Mikiyasu Nakayama, University of Tokyo; Mr. Atle Solberg, Platform on Disaster Displacement (PDD); Ms. Dina Ionesco,


Further Information: Program, Flyer


Son Nov 12



Climate-Induced & in the : or

Bonn Zone: Fiji Pavilion

Organizers: United Nations University EHS & University of Hawaii


How can human mobility be an adaptive and resilience building response to climate change?

OPEN TO THE PUBLIC: Kameha Grand Bonn: Yu Private Theatre (part of the Development and Climate Days, Registration link)

Organizers: Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery (GFDRR), Mary Robinson Foundation Climate Justice (MRF-CJ), German Institute for Development Research DIE-GDI

Speakers: Arlindo de Ceita Carvalho, Director General of the Environment of the Ministry of Infrastructure, Natural Resources and the Environment in Sao Tome and Principe; Belen Desmaison, architect and researcher Peru; Agnes Leina, Executive Director, Illaramatak Community Concerns, Kenya; Filipe Nainoca, Director General, Fiji Red Cross Society

Further Information: Program


Mon Nov 13



Changements climatiques et mobilités humaines

Bonn Zone: Moroccan Pavilion

Organizers: Conseil National des Droits de l’Homme, The Hugo Observatory

Speakers: François Gemenne


Tue Nov 14



Adaptation in Motion: under which conditions can migration contribute to climate change adaptation?

OPEN TO THE PUBLIC: DIE-GDI Interconnections Zone

Organizers: TransRe, DIE-GDI

Speakers: Vanessa Lueck (Arizona State University); Patrick Sakdapolrak (University of Vienna); Cosmin Corendea (UNU-EHS); Kees van der Geest (UNU-EHS & University of Hawaii); Dina Ionesco (IOM); Benjamin Schraven (DIE-GDI)

Further Information: Website


North Rhine-Westphalia: Migration as a climate change adaptation strategy: A gender perspective

Bonn Zone: Talanoa Space

Organizers: Staatskanzlei der Nordrhein-Westfälischen Landesregierung, GIZ, UNWomen Nationales Komitee Deutschland

Speakers: Eleanor Blomstrom (Women’s Environment and Development Organization, WEDO); Mariam Traoré Chazalnoël (IOM); Ndey Fatou Jobe (Women’s Bureau and Government Delegate of The Gambia); Representative of the UNFCCC; Fiji Presidency to the COP 23 (tbc)

Further Information: Website of UNWOMEN


Thu Nov 16



UNESCO Event on Climate-Induced Migration

Bonn Zone: UNESCO Pavilion

Organizers: UNESCO, The Hugo Observatory

Speakers: François Gemenne, Sara Vigil, Dalila Gharbaoui

Fri Nov 17



Human Migration in the era of Climate Change

Bonn Zone: German Pavilion

Organizers: Bread for the World (Brot für die Welt), German Development Institute (DIE)

Speakers: Sabine Minninger (Brot für die Welt), Benjamin Schraven (DIE), Denise Margaret Matias (DIE), Sophia Wirsching (Bread for the World), Sanjay Vashit (CAN South Asia), Maina Talia (TuCAN-Tuvalu Climate Action Network)


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